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UM News Silver Show November 15, 2019

November 14, 2019

In this weeks UM News show we talk about the flu season and flu shots. We check in with the competitive canned food drive between MSU and UM. Then we hear about how a science center that is moving to the Missoula public library. This show was directed by Graham Garner and produced by Griffin Rerucha.

UM News Maroon Show November 15, 2019

November 14, 2019

In this UM News show reporter Tessa Nadeau talks to some UM students about why they do or don’t get their flu shots. Then Tina Brennan goes to some of the diverse U events and talks about diversity at the University. This show was directed by Graham Garner and produced by Griffin Rerucha.

Can the Cats Food Drive

November 14, 2019

For two decades, the Missoula Food Bank has competed with the Bozeman Food Bank to see which can collect the most food in the Can the Cats, Can the Griz food drive during the Brawl of the Wild. This year’s food drive will benefit the food bank as well as the new UM Food Pantry. Bozeman has won for the last sixteen years, but events director Amanda Ceaser says Missoula will crush the competition this year.

“This is really a food drive where the whole town gets involved. It’s this fun competition where like, the football scene and the Griz scene and the giving scene of like, food bank donors all get to come together for one big, big competition,” says Ceaser.

Last year Missoula collected four hundred four thousand pounds of food while Bozeman collected roughly forty thousand pounds more. Can the Cats will end on Saturday, November 23 at the Brawl of the Wild.

Story by David Atkinson.


SpectrUM Discovery Area

November 14, 2019

The University of Montana SpectrUM discovery area is collaborating with the Missoula Public Library and the Children’s Museum to come together under a single roof. It is working to increase accessibility within the community.    

The hands-on science center is designed to promote learning within the public. It is instructed by UM students and other members of the community to inspire the youth to pursue higher education and careers in science.

Caitlin Ervin, the museum program coordinator at SpectrUM, says that this move the library will help the center be more accessible to the public. Ervin says in addition, they hope this will engage the program more with the university by providing a live lab for science students to work.

SpectrUM hopes to be open in its new place this coming summer.

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