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UM News Maroon Show for December 6, 2019

December 5, 2019

On UM News this week, reporter Griffin Rerucha talked with instructors of a CPR and First Aid Training class offered at UM about the importance of reacting quickly to an emergency. The class offered at the Grizzly Pool will host four classes over the spring semester starting on January 25th. UM students also worked to save lives through their support of the transgender community. The purpose of a candlelight vigil held on the Transgender Day of Remembrance at UM was to honor those murdered and bring awareness to these issues. This weeks final newscast was produced by Tessa Nadeau and Directed by Tina Brennan.

UM News Silver Show for December 6, 2019

December 5, 2019

In the final newscast for UM News, you will learn about how a class offered at UM teaches participants CPR and First Aid training in the effort to reduce the number of preventable deaths in the community. Also, students in the UM ceramics club are helping people get into the holiday spirit through an art sale on campus. Another club on campus known as the Circus Club offers classes open to the public. Participants can learn aerial acrobatic skills and stunts. This weeks newscast was produced by Tessa Nadeau and Directed by Tina Brennan.

CPR and First Aid Training

December 5, 2019

The University of Montana’s Grizzly Pool is working to reduce the number of deaths by educating people on medical emergency training. Staff at the pool teach around four CPR and first aid courses throughout each semester. These classes cover everything from nose bleeds to life threatening emergencies like cardiac arrest or stroke. Paige Morkrid head staff at the Grizzly Pool tells us about why its so important to have people around that know CPR. Then we hear from one class participant on why they took this class.

Transgender of Remembrance

December 4, 2019

Some UM students are trying to increase support and alliance for the transgender community. They came together on Transgender Day of Remembrance for a candlelight vigil.

In the last year about 30 transgender people were murdered in the United States. Most of those were transgender women of color.

UM student Raleigh Nordhagen that the support from those outside the LGBTQ community is important.

For more information on local LGBTQ events and resources you can visit The Western Montana Community Center online.

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