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Campus Blood Drive

November 6, 2019

Blood donations decrease during the winter season with only about three percent of eligible people donating but one university student is hoping to change that.

The Davidson Honors College and American Red Cross hosted a blood drive on campus. UM student Teigan Avery says she planned the event hoping to make up for the fact that she can’t currently volunteer because of a health issue.

The university will host multiple blood drives through November. The next one is set for  November 12th.

Imagine Nation Brewing and Recycling Works

November 6, 2019

One um alum is getting is putting their environmental degree to work at imagine nation brewing. Ian finch, the community engagement coordinator, helped orchestrate an event with recycling works where community members could drop off their glass bottles. Finch says the work he does through Imagine Nation helps to encourage a dialog among patrons.

“When it comes to sustainability and environmentalism it takes a lot of introspection and a lot of personal change. We are all in this ship together, and so it is about having dialog about what we need and short comings that Missoula still has and you should do it in a very peaceable sort of way where we can actually make it happen as a community.”

Finch said one way community members can be more environmentally conscious is by buying locally and ethically sourced products.

Imagine nation will be hosting a craft’s fair in mid-December which will feature locally made items such as jewelry and cleaning soaps.

Written and edited by Tina Brennan

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