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Native American Student Retention

October 2, 2019

UM struggles with native student retention. Native student Jordan Jimmie says many of the extra resources he received as a native student really helped him stay in school. According to Gisele Forrest many of these resources are facing tremendous budget cuts. Another large factor in native student retention is culture shock. This causes many native students to take a break from school.

UM Marching Band

October 2, 2019

UM’s marching band practices with Dr. Kevin Griggs for more than four hours a week together for home games. That doesn’t include the time students put in outside of practices or the full days they spend together on game days.

Marching band student Emma Zupichich says the time is worth it for all the experiences it provides.

The marching band performs at the homecoming parade, the game and other events through the weekend. You can also see them perform at all home games for the rest of the football season.

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