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UM News Maroon November 15, 2017

November 16, 2017

This week UM News features UM students creating a group to build relationships and do activities with local Missoulians of all ages with disabilities. The show also highlights the end of Griz football season with the ROTC program unveiling a new cannon to celebrate touchdowns, a closer look at Monte’s involvement with the community and how Missoulians are hoping to win on and off the field by Canning the Cats during this year’s Brawl of the Wild. This week’s show is anchored by Aunica Koch and Wayne Stevenson, directed by Tiffany Folkes and produced by Maria Anderson.

UM News Silver November 15, 2017

November 16, 2017

This week on UM News we see how one student club is getting involved in the annual food drive competition between Bobcat fans and Griz fans. Also, student volunteers are bringing an international program to Montana which aims to build relationships with people with mental and physical disabilities. The UM ROTC program debuted its brand new cannon, giving Griz football fans another reason to look forward to next fall. This show was produced by Meri DeMarois, directed by Alex Kim, anchored by Wayne Stevenson, Matt Skillman and Aunica Koch.

ROTC Boom Crew Continues Tradition with New Cannon

November 16, 2017
Since 1989 the UM ROTC program‘s Boom Crew has fired a cannon every time the Griz score. At the 2017 Military Appreciation Game, the program unveiled a new cannon. Reporter Matt Skillman learned about the new piece and how important it is to those who fire it.

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