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Griz Football Brings Huge Boost to Missoula Economy

September 22, 2017

Griz football games attract fans from all over Montana and the US.  Matt Skillman asked businesses what those fans add to the Missoula economy.


Wildfire Smoke Impacts Health of Local Dogs

September 21, 2017

Montana has a reputation of being a dog friendly community and the same holds true for the University of Montana campus. Smoke has affected nearly everyone across the state this year due to wildfires, but people are not the only ones feeling the effects. Aunica Koch looked into how the heavy smoke has also had an impact on our four-legged friends.

Bring Back the Zoo

December 9, 2016

480-cross-zooMontana Griz basketball is bringing back “The Zoo.” UM News reporter Kempson Cross and photographer Spencer Jakobi tell us about plans to pack Dahlberg Arena for every home game. Students get into home games free with their Griz Card and schedules are available online…but the team wants all of Zootown behind them.

Neighborhood Ambassadors Build Community in University District

December 2, 2016

12-3-16-ambassadorsOne UM student group promotes quality of life in the University District. The Neighborhood Ambassador Program pays a monthly visit to each house. They follow up on complaints and help build relationships between student renters and permanent homeowners. Neighborhood Ambassador Bryce Rowe says he enjoys reaching out to the community. The program also communicates through their newsletter, blog, and Facebook page.

ASUM Renter Center Free and Open to All

November 18, 2016

11-18-2016-rentercenterThe ASUM Off-Campus Renter Center advises students and non-students on problems ranging from household maintenance to handling security deposits. Director Mary O’Malley says she refers some clients to Legal Services…but enjoys providing free tips regarding rental disputes. O’Malley says she hopes more students and non-students find out about the Renter Center before they have a serious problem.

UM News Silver 11-4-2016

November 4, 2016

11-4-16-um-news-silver-stillThis week on UM News the Honors Student Association helps a community organization feed the hungry and a UM student works with a Missoula non-profit to reduce child abuse. Plus one adventure seeker takes slack-lining to new heights. Anchors Jack Ginsburg and Caryn Foehringer are joined by live reporter Tasha Cain. The show is directed by Ryan McKinley and produced by Kempson Cross.

UM News Maroon Show November 4, 2016

November 4, 2016


Jack Ginsburg and Ellie Baty show us how UM students are giving back this holiday season. Live reporter Caryn Foehringer tells us why it’s so important to donate blood over the holiday season. Find out why UM students were out trick-or-treating this Halloween. And we also see how kids in the community can get up-close with science.

UM Professor Brings New Perspective to Montana Public Radio

October 28, 2016

10-28-campaign-beat-logoOne UM professor became the first political scientist to co-host alongside two journalists on a long-running program. UM News reporter Kempson Cross and photographer Ryan McKinley found out how Montana Public Radio elected the new lineup. The Campaign Beat team will cover Election Night and plans to cover the Montana Legislature on Capitol Talk this spring.

National Anthem Protest Discussion Reaches UM Campus

October 21, 2016

10-21_anthemOne NFL quarterback’s racial inequality protest is sparking discussion at UM. UM News reporter Kempson Cross and photographer Grant Herzog found out what the campus has to say about Colin Kaepernick‘s protest during the national anthem. The protest movement now touches multiple sports across the United States with mixed reaction.

UM Researchers Develop New Ways to Measure Brain Injuries

October 21, 2016


UM researchers are working to develop a way to measure the severity of traumatic brain injuries. Reporter Braly Whisler met with one of the soccer athletes benefiting from their research.

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