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UM News Silver Show for October 15,2015

October 14, 2015

1014 Silver for KTMFThis week UM News reporter Sean Robb and photojournalist Joe Hodgson explored the Missoula College construction site, while UM News reporter Sojin Josephson and photojournalist Peter Riley got the inside scoop on the PEAS Farm Annual Harvest Fall Festival. Anchored by Sarah Yovetich and Sojin Josephson. Produced by Dominique Giusti. Directed by Carrie Miller.

Missoula College Construction To Benefit Teachers And Students In Future

October 14, 2015

P-ConstructionA new building under construction aims to provide relief to Missoula College students and teachers who currently work in small outdated facilities. UM News reporter Sean Robb and Photographer Joe Hodgson found out how the new campus will benefit the school.

University Construction Jobs Stimulate the Local Economy

November 12, 2014

1012ConstructionJobsConstruction on the University of Montana campus may slow down traffic but it sure speeds up the economy. UM News reporter Mackenzie Enich tells us how more holes in the ground mean more jobs.

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