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ROTC Boom Crew Continues Tradition with New Cannon

November 16, 2017
Since 1989 the UM ROTC program‘s Boom Crew has fired a cannon every time the Griz score. At the 2017 Military Appreciation Game, the program unveiled a new cannon. Reporter Matt Skillman learned about the new piece and how important it is to those who fire it.

UM Club does Extra Work to “Can the Cats”

November 15, 2017

Every year the University of Montana and Montana State University compete against each other to see who can raise the most food leading up to the Brawl of the Wild game. Misssoula has only won twice in the past seventeen years. Reporter Mederios Whitworth-Babb tells us what one UM program is doing to make sure the Griz Can the Cats this year.

Missoula Loves Monte

November 15, 2017

Monte, the University of Montana mascot, is one of the most popular mascots in the country. Reporter DJ Stewart finds out more about why the local community loves their bear.

Best Buddies International Comes to Montana

November 14, 2017

A new Missoula group pairs people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with a friend in the community. Best Buddies International has finally made its way to Montana with the help of University of Montana student volunteers. Aunica Koch reports.

Missoula Native Igniting Change in Postpartum Care

November 14, 2017

Postpartum psychosis is a condition causing depression, hallucinations, and insomnia. Although it is rare it can have a traumatic effect on parents. Missoula Native Melissa Bangs has traveled around the country sharing her experience with this condition. Reporter Matt Skillman and Photojournalist Natasha Woodworth found out how her speeches have led to changes in Missoula hospitals.

Photo Essay: Basketball Season is Among Us!

November 12, 2017

Basketball season has officially begun for both the Griz and the Lady Griz teams. Friday, November 10th, the Griz had their first game of the season against the Whitworth Pirates, winning 72-60. The Lady Griz began their season Monday, November 13th, against the Wyoming Cowgirls. To check their schedules, go to:     GO GRIZ!

Photo Essay by Meghan Bourassa



UM News Maroon Show November 8, 2017

November 11, 2017

This week on UM News, we check out how one student is leaving her mark in the global music scene. Also, we explore the growing sport of curling in Missoula and how students are helping keep the University District clean after football games. This show is produced by Aunica Koch, directed by Drew Cox-Koulman, and anchored by DJ Stewart and Mederios Whitworth-Babb.

UM News Silver Show November 8, 2017

November 11, 2017


This episode of UM News features a former UM student that coaches curling, a winter sport with increasing popularity in Missoula; and a current student and local musician is preparing to release her debut album. This week’s silver show is anchored by Meri DeMarois and Mederios Whitworth-Babb, produced by Wayne Stevenson and directed by Natasha Woodworth.


Curling Takes Over Missoula

November 8, 2017

The Missoula Curling Club is seeing the biggest turnout in years. UM New reporter DJ Stewart and photojournalist Tiffany Folkes took a look at how a former UM student has taken on a coaching role and is sharing her knowledge with the next generation.

UM Student Groups Keep Surrounding Neighborhoods Clean

November 8, 2017

Every Sunday after home Griz Football games, the Sunday Sweepers clean up any trash in street surrounding UM that was left over from the day before. This program is run by ASUM’s Renter Center on Campus. It’s goal is to bridge the divide between students and the community by picking up garbage and asking residents if they have encountered any issues like noise complaints or vandalism. Reporter Mederios Whitworth-Babb went to campus to find out how ASUM is making sure Missoula’s streets are clean and neighbors are happy.

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