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Native American Heritage Month

November 28, 2016

screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-54-19-pmActivism is combining with education at UM during American Indian Heritage month. reporter Jack Ginsburg attended some of the events.

UM and MSU help end hunger in Montana

November 26, 2016

cans-of-foodThe University of Montana and Montana State are helping feed the hungry with some friendly competition. The Missoula Food Bank sees over 7,000 people a month, and the demand for donations goes up during the holidays. Donation events happen throughout November including a dance-a-thon and the Kids Empower Pack Build. In 2015, UM and MSU combined collected more than 540,000 pounds of food. Reporter Caryn Foehringer and photographer Colter Lairy find out how Can the Cats and Can the Griz help increase donations.

ASUM Renter Center Free and Open to All

November 18, 2016

11-18-2016-rentercenterThe ASUM Off-Campus Renter Center advises students and non-students on problems ranging from household maintenance to handling security deposits. Director Mary O’Malley says she refers some clients to Legal Services…but enjoys providing free tips regarding rental disputes. O’Malley says she hopes more students and non-students find out about the Renter Center before they have a serious problem.

UM gives back to Americas Heroes this Holiday

November 11, 2016

An annual holiday program is helping connect the UM campus to homeless Veterans in the community. The Adopt-A-Vet program matches up people on campus wanting to sponsor a homeless veteran holiday over the holidays. UM reporter Braly Whisler and photographer Mason Birgenheier went out to see how this is impacting the veterans.

SpectrUM’s Mobile Science Program

November 6, 2016

spectrum-science-fairSpectrUM discovery area’s mobile science program travels the state of Montana bringing interactive science activities to young kids. UM News reporter Jack Ginsburg and Photographer Grant Herzog went to Frenchtown Elementary’s Science Palooza to check it out.

UM News Silver 11-4-2016

November 4, 2016

11-4-16-um-news-silver-stillThis week on UM News the Honors Student Association helps a community organization feed the hungry and a UM student works with a Missoula non-profit to reduce child abuse. Plus one adventure seeker takes slack-lining to new heights. Anchors Jack Ginsburg and Caryn Foehringer are joined by live reporter Tasha Cain. The show is directed by Ryan McKinley and produced by Kempson Cross.

UM News Maroon Show November 4, 2016

November 4, 2016


Jack Ginsburg and Ellie Baty show us how UM students are giving back this holiday season. Live reporter Caryn Foehringer tells us why it’s so important to donate blood over the holiday season. Find out why UM students were out trick-or-treating this Halloween. And we also see how kids in the community can get up-close with science.

UM students help donate blood during holiday shortage

November 4, 2016

11-4-blood-driveThe University of Montana and Montana State students are helping fight the blood shortage that happens around the holiday season. The annual competition between the schools comes at just the right time of the year to help the Red Cross with donations. Each donation has the potential to save three lives. One of the reasons donations drop is because routine donors are out of town. Reporter Caryn Foehringer and photographer Spencer Jakobi went to a blood drive to see what it means to community to donate. For dates on future blood drives in the month of November click here.

The Parenting Place

November 4, 2016

One UM student is helping prevent child abuse and neglect at a community-based Missoula non-profit .

The Parenting Place wants to develop healthy parent-child relationships, improve the future of children and ensure healthy families. Especially during the holidays.

UM student Alexis Gruba helps give parents a break as a child-care provider.

Slacklining Takes Extreme Heights

November 4, 2016

thumbnail_img_1633Reporter Tasha Cain and photographer Chelsea Reichard traveled to Alberton Gorge to see Griffen Gilbert walk the longest highline in Montana. Gilbert walked almost 300 feet across the raging Clark Fork river. Gilbert says he walks highlines as a form of meditation and facing his fears.

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