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UM News Maroon – November 20, 2014

November 20, 2014

Nov 19 Maroon anchorsThis week on UM News, anchors Mackenzie Enich and Holly Sinnema find out more about the Can the Bobcats food drive and how it’s helping feed families in need. They also look into a fundraiser where University of Montana students stay “Up ‘Til Dawn”  to help children with cancer, and they share the details about a Butterfly House and Insectarium crawling its way into Missoula next year. Produced by Allison Molin, directed by Ed Huberman.

UM News Silver-November 20, 2014

November 20, 2014

 This week on UM News , anchors Jenna Heberden and Keeley Van Middendorp tell us how staying up for one night can help children stay up for good. They also discuss how one competition during Brawl of the Wild helps feed Missoula families, and a new insectarium that will be crawling into town in early 2015.
Produced by Mahkia Clark
Directed by Ed Huberman.

Can The Bobcats Food Drive Helps Feed Montana Families

November 19, 2014

1119CantheCatsThis Saturday is the 114th Brawl of the Wild football game, and another part of the rivalry helps Montanans feed their families. UM News reporter Holly Sinnema visited the Missoula Food Bank to find out more.

Missoula Remembers Fallen Veterans

November 19, 2014

FinalSequenceThe Missoula Civil Air Patrol has begun collecting donations towards honoring fallen veterans through Wreaths Across America. The organization has placed over 20,000 memorial wreaths on the graves of fallen veterans since 2008. The CAP plans on laying wreaths December 7th.

University of Montana Stay Up in the Fight Against Cancer

November 19, 2014

1119UpTilDawnUniversity of Montana students stay “Up Till Dawn” to fund raise for St. Jude Children Research Hospital. UM News reporter, Mackenzie Enich, tells us how staying up one night can help thousands of children stay up for good.

Bugs Crawl Their Way into Missoula’s Downtown Scene

November 19, 2014

1119-Butterfly houseIn early 2015, Missoula will open its first insectarium. UM News reporter Jenna Heberden got close and friendly with one bug ambassador who will be the star.

UM News Maroon – November 12, 2014

November 13, 2014

On UM News this week, anchors Allison Molin and Mackenzie Enich tell us how the University of MontanaNov 11 Maroon for KPAX is providing jobs for community members through both campus construction and health care. They also talk about what the University is doing to make technology accessible to all students. Produced by Jenna Heberden. Directed by Cole Havens

UM News Silver – 11/13/2014

November 12, 2014

Nov 12 SilverThis week on UM News catch up on the latest construction projects around campus with reporter Mackenzie Enich, learn about the Montana Grizzlies Hurling Team and find out how the Missoula College plans to educate health care professionals for their future jobs with Mahkia Clark and Holly Sinnema.

Director: Cole Havens, Producer: Keeley Van Middendorp

UM Implementing New Accessibility Policy

November 12, 2014
UM student Aaron Page uses the accessibility features on his Apple computer.

UM student Aaron Page uses the accessibility features on his Apple computer.

This semester UM is implementing a plan to make technology accessible to students with disabilities UM News reporter Mahkia Clark sat down with one student to find out how UM’s plan will benefit him and others in need of accessibility features.

College Programs Boost Health Care Education

November 12, 2014

11-12 NursingEdMontana is starting to see an increase in the number of retiring medical professionals, leaving high-paying jobs in the health industry open for college graduates. UM News reporter Holly Sinnema visited Missoula College to find out more.

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